Personal riff raff

It’s amazing how something as simple as taking a few pictures can bring your mood from somewhere around a zero or one, up to around a solid 9 or 10 in seconds. I’mma try to keep this short since I’m on my phone as the wireless has been out of commission for the past couple of days.  Now, at least here I’m keeping it no big secret that I’ve been out of work and beyond broke for the past month or two.  To keep this short: it’s obvious whoever said money didn’t buy happiness was over simplifying; not being paid and having to basically mooch off the people you love is one of the most stressful, least gratifying things anyone can really do in life.  Now, I know many people and most often we ‘starving artist’ folk are all prone to this ‘being broke’ shit at times, and I’m even saying my shit’s any worse than your shit or their shit.  I’m just saying something, cause, like I said.. it’s annoying.

So, back to my original point, I was initially feeling pretty shitty after a particularly unlucky day when at around 4 in the morning I decided to stay up until a bit later as it had started snowing and I figured I’d bum around with the camera some what with the neat lighting and snow. Another great thing about the crap my brain swims through is all the actually important stuff I forget, like charging camera batteries when they get low, so of course I had about 14% remaining which was annoying since I wanted to get some of the car trails going by. Praying that my low battery would last long enough for one more shot, I caught a sideways glance of my shadow watching for the next car with camera and tripod set up. I could pick nothing apart about this simple sillouette, it merely looked like a photographer. I don’t mean this to sound like some grand revelation of identity, I just thought it was interesting how reassuring that basic visual acknowledgment of who I was… was. But anyways, luckily a car passed before my battery died and allow me to take the picture I had set up, which even though it wasn’t really anything important, did feel pretty amazing. I just feel like I should dwell just a bit on this so I stop regretting the investment/ wanting to sell the camera, no matter how much out of this rut it might bring me, it truly would feel like selling a bit of my soul.

Car passing by snowy branches

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